Your stay at Linley Clinic

Linley Clinic Private Hospital provides discreet and individual quality care for both day and overnight stay surgery.

Before Admission

Your Surgeon will give you Pre-admission paperwork which must be completed and returned to Linley Clinic one week prior to surgery where possible. This assists us in preparation for your admission. Clerical staff will advise you of out of pocket expenses. You will receive separate accounts from your Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Pathology and Radiology. Linley Clinic nursing staff will contact you to confirm details of your admission and fasting times, as well as confirming your medical history details, a few days prior to Surgery.

Our staff will be pleased to answer any questions or discuss concerns you may have regarding your visit to Linley Clinic.

On the day of surgery

Have nothing to eat or drink as per instructions. Do not chew gum. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring your Medicare Card/Veteran's Affairs Card and out of pocket expense payments.

Bring toiletries/regular medications (in original packaging)if directed to do so.

On Admission

On arrival, the reception staff will finalise your admission details. Our single admission rooms enable privacy and comfort. Nurses and your Anaesthetist and Surgeon will finalise any medical details before you change into Theatre attire. You will walk to the Operating suite, accompanied by a nurse.

Following your procedure

You may wake up on a trolley in our Recovery area or be transferred directly to our Day room where you will be served light refreshments before returning home,or you may need to stay longer in one of our beautifully appointed single rooms

On discharge

Before you go home, the Nurse will discuss all aspects of your post operative care as per the Discharge Instructions given to you by your Surgeon. A taxi can be organised to transport you home if your carer is unable to collect you. If you have had a day stay procedure, a nurse will contact you within 24 hours of discharge to assist with any concerns and check on your progress.

It is recommended that during the first 24 hours following your procedure;

  • You should have a responsible adult stay with you overnight and not be the primary child carer.
  • You should not drive a vehicle or operate any machinery.
  • You should not use public transport without an escort.
  • You should not make important decisions or sign important documents.
  • You should not drink any alcohol.


Linley Clinic Private Hospital is accredited against the 10 National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHSS)

Mission Statement

Offering the best in pre and post operative management, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide a holistic approach to the patients' complete episode of care.

Linley Clinic has a strong focus in Plastic Surgery and Ophthalmology but also has an array of other surgical specialities represented.

Our aim is to provide the most responsible and ethical service to our patients whilst further advancing the field of surgery.

Our vision is to be recognised throughout Australia as pre-eminent by our employees, customers, colleagues and the public. We will be the standard by which others measure their performance. Our hallmarks will be a commitment to providing uncompromising excellence to all our customers as well as providing quality products, experienced staff and ongoing education of both ourselves and our colleagues.

Our values include:

  • respect for the individual
  • absolute confidentiality
  • surgical excellence
  • honesty and responsibility
  • continuing education
  • continuing business development
  • 24 hour service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year